"My Story"

There was a kid and there was his dad.  The kid played tigger with his
dad.  the dad played winnie the pooh.  They had a house.  In the house
was a toy macho man.  Also in the house was a doll.  The macho man and
the doll came alive.  Then a toy tigger came alive.  The house had lots
of alive toys in it.  The toys played house.  Another toy came alive.
The toys played los of games.  They played store,and hide and seek.  All
the toys in the house came alive.  All the toys ate.  The kid and the
dad went back in the house and all of the toys fell over.  The next time
the went outside the toys went live again.  When they went bac in the
toys were how they really were.  When the kid and the dad go outside the
toys go alive, wen they go back, the toys fall over.  The dad and the
kid never looked at the alive toys.

The end!!!!!

Kelsey--AGE 5

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