Dream Season

Everyone has dreams right? Dreams of many different things, often of
fantasy.  What if you lived on a planet where there was a "dream
season"?  I bet you are thinking there is no such thing.  But there is.
I have relatives who come from a place such like this.   Even if you
don't you don't belive in such things just hear me out.

    When you where little what did you dream of being?  A fireman?  A
ballerina? The president?  An astronout?  Maybe none of those but
something right?  And tell me now, what are you today?  did you follow
your dream?  That's the problem, not many people do.

   On this planet the dream season starts on the first dayof spring and
ends on the last day of summer.  It is a place to simpily go and dream.
The problem is adults  have to much reality in their systems to dream.
The children understand how often they have to dream, and they relish
evey moment they can.  That is what seperates the children and adults.

     The chain seems to be that once there is to much reality in your
system the dreams fade away.  Why is this a problem you ask?  Why do you
think man traveled to the moon?  Because someone dreamt it and made it
happen?   How do you think we hae a car, the internet, tv, any of those
things?  Because someone dreamed of it.  Our growing soceity calls for
more things for the future, but without the dreams there is no future.

     During the dream season children dream to their hearts content.
They dream of robotic sibilings, unicorns, living on mars., and many
other things.  The biggest problems with dream season is everything the
children drem of is forgotten by summer's end.  Then soon enough for
every child there is an end to the dreams as well.

    One brave little girl recignized that and decided to never let go of
her dreams.  She grew old and still dreamed of wonderful things and made
most of them come true. This brave sol also taugt her children how to
hold on to the dreams.  Her chilren did the same.  Soon enough the whole
world knew how to hold on to the dreams, even after summers end.

   Soon, dream season was so well known, and celebrated by all.  Because
of one little girl the whole plaanet has made dreams come true.  They
never let go of the dreams until they were reality.  Can we do the same?

My thought on  it all, we've all had dreams at one piont or another, how
many of us folowed them?  What is  a dream unless it becomes a reality?
There is no future with no dreams.   Is yesterday's dream today's
future?  How long until we have to much reality in our system before we
stop all togehter?  Lets all learn how to hold onto our dreams as that
planet learned

     Now today dream season isn't what it used to be.  The first day of
spring is the first day of dream season, but it deosn't have to be the

Brittany--AGE 12

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