To Mayor of Groundhogville,

To Mayor of Groundhogville
I don't know why every year, a cold day usually, after the frost comes and goes, unusual creatures with only two paws, imagine that, come into my peaceful house and expose me to others of their kind. Such funny noises they make, like ahhh, ohhh, yaaa!. Then they put me in a hole made of hard cold dirt I could never burrow into. The food is not my regular diet of parsley and lettuce. Instead, I got some soggy celery, and some kind of black thing that seemed to be watching me. I didn't eat that. It is very cold, and with strange creatures crowding around me, it is suffocating and cold. A man took me out of this inexusable excuse for a hole,and held me high over his head to his ear. His beard tickled my whiskers, and he had a strange smell of something. More of those black things were watching me, but they were much bigger, and they had "creatures" standing beside them. The winter air brought chills to my body, and I shivered. After this holding, I hopped back inot my new "hole", and since then I have to do this every year. Please stop this or negociate with the people, I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANY LONGER!
From Phil

Melissa--AGE 11

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