What if the first day of spring were the first day of February

We could have a nice long gardening season. I love
gardening. My garden is very big and it has tomatoes,
watermelon, cucumber, beans, flowers, and two potato
plants. My first year, I had a very tiny garden, but
then one day my dad dug a big garden for me, just like
his. I think my dad is the best dad in the entire
world. My babysitter Radha helped me try to keep the
insects off my plants. Ií ve been doing this for three
years. I first got interested by thinking about how
many foods I would get and that I could eat them for
free, and for the fun of it. Last weekend we plucked
the first cucumber from my dadís garden. My mom
wouldnít eat it as it had spikes in it.




Daniiel--AGE 9

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