What If The First Day.........

 Far into the future (which I  am writing to you from) Man-kind landed
on mars. When you might ask? The first day of spring.  I remember
watching on my FTV (Floating TeleVision) when we landed on mars. Now
surprisingly mars was not red and rocky. But bright, bright blue with a
purple sky. There was water only the water was not blue- it was yellow.
Mars looked like an imitation of earth replaced with different colors. 
     There was life there because without warning a big red creature
with glowing red eyes and fiery looking antennas with many arms and
extra body parts sprang out and jumped upon Mr. Doon and what we belive
began sucking his blood.  Mr. Doon collapsed and the crew pulled him on
board.  Unaware that the creature and his friends had climbed on board
the crew took off.
     The ride back was smooth until the landing when the creatures
popped out and began sucking the blood of every person through the neck
and then the their skin began bubbling out of control.  Soon turning a
bright purple and exploding into pieces.
     The creatures wanted  more and got of of the ship.  Searching for
more blood.  One of the aliens found a nice floating house with
beautiful red panels. He  jumped up and attacked the home busting
windows, tearing down walls,punching through beds and sucking the blood
of the family until everyone was dead.
     The aliens went from house to floating house sucking the blood out
of the innocent. 
     The authorities got together and  collected their best weapons.
Some of the guns were as big as two arms others had three guns in one
with many bullets and others were a part of someone's finger or arm.
     The group set out to finish of the aliens.  The aliens were
prepared too.  The battle had begun. With the first shot an alien was
killed- turning blue then yellow shaking violently until he shriveled
into nothing.  An alien latched onto a human, clawing his face. The
man's skin bubbled until only his skull was remaining as if the aliens
claws had poison in them. 
     After days of fighting the human army had been killed and the
aliens continued sucking blood. By the first day of summer the human
race had been taken out-nothing left but the aliens who took over the
      By now I'm sure that you're wondering how I could be typing this
if the humans where wiped out.  Well who said I was human?
      So will you be prepared on the first day of spring?  Or will you
face death?  That all depends on you!




Brittany--AGE 12

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