A Dream That I Will Never Forget

Hi! My name is Sam (short for Samantha)and boy, am I into sports. My
sister, on the other hand, Is not so sporty, and is more into fashion
and makeup (YUCK!). My  favorite sports are soccer, football, baseball
and my most favorite sport is basketball. Well now that I have told you
what I like, I think that I should tell you a story. It all started when
I was playing soccer and it started to rain, and boy, was it raining a
lot. I had to get home. So I ran, and on the way I tripped and banged
head. I couldn't get up. There was so much pain that I fainted and fell
into a deep sleep, and during that sleep I had an amazing dream. I got
up from my fall and kept on running home. But everything was different.
My street wasn't the same. There were houses that looked weird because
they were round with rectangle roofs. There were cars that were flying
in the air, and there was no roads just a landing spot for the cars (and
a sidewalk).I tried and tried to find a house that looked similar to my
house, but I couldn't. Than I saw someone who looked like my sister, but
older and prettier. So I went up to her and asked her how old she was.
"It's none of your business". She replied. (And she had the same
attitude as my sister too). I followed her around (sort of like spying).
But it was so boring because all she did was by clothes and makeup
(exactly like my sister). So then I walked up to her and asked her what
her name was. " If I tell you my name will you stop bugging me?". "Yes!"
I said. " My name is Nicole". Oh my god, I thought in my head, that was
my sisters name. I walked away in silence and didn't turn my head around
to see her. Then I knew, I was in the future!. I was really freaked out,
but that wasn't all. If I was in the future that means that me as an
older self is bound to be around here somewhere. So I looked around
trying to find my older self. But there was no luck. I even tried to
find my parents, no luck either. Then I saw my friend but older and next
to her was me but older to (I must say I looked very pretty). There on
my shoulders was a boy. That must of been my boyfriend when I was older.
But I didn't want to have a boyfriend (YUCK!). I watched her walk into
this house. It must of been my house. I looked through a window and saw
two dogs and my parents. When everyone was asleep I climbed up the drain
pipe and climbed through my older self's window. (Which was already
open. I saw myself laying in bed..I looked around very quietly. There
were things in the room that were not invented in the past. Then I heard
a scream and turned around and saw my self looking straight at me. Then
I said. "Don't scream, I'm not a robber, I'm you". "Is this a dream or
something?". " Why, yes it is". " But you look just like me when I was
younger". " Like I said, I'm you". Then she fainted what a relief. I
climbed back down the drain pipe and walked around. I got really tired
that I fell to the ground and went to sleep. Then I woke up and found my
self in bed with a sore throat and I could barely move. Then my mom
walked into my room and said. " Are you okay?". " Yes I'm fine". " Oh my
goodness, you will be sick for days because you were unconscious on the
cold ground for a long time, do you know what your future will be like
if you miss to many days of school". " Mom you don't wanna know". 



Hayley--AGE 10

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