KIDWORLD International Writing Contest
July, 2000
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Winner in Age Group 

Contest Theme: "What if the first day of spring(summer) were the first day of......."

The Forest ,  by Brittany age 12

What If? --by: "Page48scr", age ??

Untitled, by Suzie, age 14

Pim --by: Alexia, age ??

Dream Season ,   by Brittany, age 12

"My Story" , by Kelsey, age 5

"My Poem"   --by Brittany, age 12

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars , by Lauren--age 9

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall , by Nicole, age 10

A Dream That I Will Never Forget , by Hayley, age 10

What If The First Day......... , by Brittany age 12

Tammy's Tooth , by Shazara -- age 10

What if the first day of spring were the first day of February , -- by  Daniel, age 9

Ring Of Accusations, by Erin, age 14

Shadow , by Noelle age 11

To Mayor of Groundhogville, by Melissa, age 11

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