The Christmas Visit

The best gift that I received was nothing wrapped in paper or tied with a bow it was seeing my cousins last Christmas. Joey and Anna hardly ever come up to Pittsburgh and who could blame them? They live in Florida, where my uncle works at Walt DisneyWorld. That was the best gift because I never get to see them. Sure thereís the birthday telephone calls, the Valentineís Day cards, and the e~mails, but we hardly get to see them as much as my brother Andy and I would like. They came on Christmas Day and left on New Yearís Eve night. That was really hard to see them go, but we had the best time while they were here! While they were here we went ice skating, to the Science Center, shopping, and we went to my brotherís favorite restaurant, the Clubhouse! We had a great time and we know that Joey and Anna did, too! So, it just goes to show that the best presents donít have to be wrapped up and worth thousands of dollars. If your favorite gift was a toy, thatís okay, too, but toy will break sooner or later. Iíll have the memories of when Joey and Anna came to Pittsburgh for Christmas forever.


Meghan--AGE  12

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