The Best Gift I Ever Received

The best gift I ever received is the parents that were given to me. I
could not have picked out better parents, myself. My mom is smart, funny,
and very artistic. She loves painting and encouraging other people to paint
as well. She owns her own book and art store. And at night she teaches
adult education. She helps kids that have dropped out of high school get
their diploma. She always has time for me and my brothers. She hardly ever
gets mad at us and loves doing new things with us, like going to a new museum
or going out onto the beach in the middle of the winter and taking pictures
at the beach in the snow. My dad knows how to fix anything and loves to play
musical instruments. He helps me with my science projects and other school
projects. He works hard to make money for our family and hardly ever
complains. He loves rollerblading with me and built us a half pipe and other
cool things.

So I have to say that the gift I'm most grateful for is the one the God gave me, my parents.


Courtney--AGE  12

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