The Greatest Gift I Ever Received

On my 15th birthday, this past December, I was anxiously surprised
when my father and and mother insisted that I go on a "mystery drive" with them.
I figured it had to be something good, as it was my birthday. I didn't realize
exactly how happy I would be though, until we pulled up in the parking
lot of a huge sewing supply store. I immediately knew what was coming.
Although I could not manage to control my enormous smile, I somehow
composed myself enough to walk out of the car and to the store without
running or tripping. This was the day that my family was going to open
the doors to a new opportunity for me (after opening the wallet, of

As you might have guessed, they bought me a sewing machine. This may
sound nice, superficially, or some may even think it a dumb present. I
don't only think of it as a tangible machine, only. To me, it's many
things. For one, it's my parents' acceptance of my dreams and
inspirations. They know that I have big plans for designing and think
that I can acheive them. Not only that, but it is the realization that my
parents no longer think of me as a child with outlandish and unrealistic
goals. They, for one of the first times in my life, treated me like a
real adult. Plus, the knowledge that they were willing to pay a lot for
the machine showed me that they believe in me and my aspirations and that
we're worth a minor setback. Most of all, though, I think of it as one of the biggest
compliments of my life. My family thinks that my creativity and designs
are so unique that it's worth it for me to get started on something real.
That is truly a gift.

A gift is a thing--a noun to be specific. A noun has no tense. It is
not in the past, nor is it in the future. Although it is a gift, it is
not necessarily present, either. A gift can be used at any time and it
will still be a gift. That's why, although the machine was given in the
past, there is a lot to come from that one. In my opinion, a present is
as valuable as you make it. I plan on using the sewing machine as an
impetus for my dreams to be brought into reality. So far, I have already
tested my creativity on the gift and everyone has been happily surprised
with the results. From this one present, my ideas are blossoming and my
brain is on the move. On top of that, I have the approval of my family
which means everything in the world. I'm making something of myself and
there is no price that can be put on that.


Miriam--AGE  15

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