The Best Gift I Ever Received

Hello my name is Janice! The best gift I ever received was a puppy. It was about a year and 7 mouth from now I always wanted a puppy. My mom and dad always said I couldn't even clean my room so I gust that meant no. My birthday was coming up pretty soon ,but I keep asking they still said no. The day on my brithday I got three presents they wore all very small ones I knew I wasn't getting a puppy. After my pranets sang Happy Birthday and open my gifts I was sad.The day was just about to end plus it was time for me to go to bed. When I open the door in my room I saw this big brown box with a bright blue rubben. I ran to the box and open it I saw a small black pug with alittle bit of wite fur so tinny wagging his liitle tall as he stared right into my eyes kissing me with his wet tungh.


Janice--AGE  ??

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