A Little Something

The sun was pretty hot summer was always like this. I don't know why it got
so hot I think it was the ozone layer thing which was on the telly a few
months ago but I wouldn't worry about that. Anyway it was hot so my mum, as
usual, turned all the fans in the house on, my dad complained that it would
be cheaper buying an air conditioning system instead of a huge bill arriving
at our house. But it always worked out as the latter. My dad was tall and
hard working but I don't know what he does, I think he's a business man
because he always says something about the dumb computers at his work or he
says something about his fat slobby boss not giving him enough wages, because
in the movies I see the boss is always fat and slobby, and plus grumpy. But
its probably a suitible personality for a fat person. And how come bosses
don't come to the work place, theres the answer, their too heavy to load
themselves there.
But I handle life pretty well, I have good grades suitible personality and
I'm healthy and not fat, even though I would like to be a boss.
Well something happened on a Sunday which was Christmas day. And my mum got
out her fans and all that (Because in australia in christmas its summer) and
my dad did the usual talk. I looked outside all gloomy and that because I
didn't get anything for christmas but really i did which was a snow board. It
looked fine and that except that the fact it didn't snow. Now how dumb was
that, my parents getting me a snowboard and us living right next to the
bloomen equator. It doesn't even sprinkle a little snowflake except in the
snowy mountains which is about nine hundred miles away, and I wasn't happy
about it. The snow board looked ok, my parents had to order one from the USA.
But at least I had a really cool present. It was a little something my
parents hadn't told me till the very morning when I noticed my mum was
actually a bit strange. A little something it was but I hadn't seen it yet
till about six months. But now I'm gonna be the boss even though I'm not fat.
And what are the chances of that. I'm a big brother!


Jason--AGE  12

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