The Most Beautiful Bed  

When I was three years old,my family went to visit my Great Aunt Loretta in California. I went into a bedroom that had the most beautiful bed I had ever seen. It was topped by a white , eyelet canopy. The bed had belonged to my Great Aunt's daughter, Susan, who was disabled and only lived part of her life with her parents. She was now grown and lived fulltime in a nursing home, but when she was younger, she had sweet dreams in that bed. As I sat on the bed, I felt like a princess, then My Aunt said, "Do you like that , darling?' I nooded my head, yes. She said, " You can have it!" My Mom was astonished at her offer, knowing how special the bed was. Then I noticed a doll on the floor. She was almost as big as me! Her name was Joycey and she had also belonged to Susan. Then my Aunt said, "You can have her, too." My Great Aunt died not too long ago, but every time I sit on the bed, or play with Joycey, I remember her. I hope she knows how special they are to me.


Anne--AGE  9

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