The Best Gifts I Ever Received  

The best gift that I ever had is the people that Iím
related to. My family is the first, because my parents
are the ones who helps me in everything that I need.
My sister gives me some recommendations of what to do
when Iím confused. All the family helps each other
when someone is in trouble. All the family loves to
hang out every weekend and go on vacations to
different places. My uncles, aunts and cousins make me
feel better when I feel sad or angry. They let me go
over to their houses anytime and it doesnít matter
what the reason is for me being there. We all stay
together, especially with my cousins. We have a lot of
fun together.

My best friends are also very important because I can
talk to them when Iím in trouble, I can tell them my
ideas and my feelings. I can show them my cartoon
drawings and they will never make fun of me for this
stuff. We are very similar, because we love to draw,
act, sing, watch our favorite Japanese cartoons, the
same Nintendo games, movies, songs and other stuff. We
love to hang out at our favorite places like the video
game center, the pool, the movie theater or just walk
in the street talking about different stuff. We have
sleepovers every weekend and we love to play different
running games.

My family friends are the next gift because they are
the only ones who know some stuff that nobody else
does. We love to talk about funny stuff that happens
to us or we like to relax and talk about stuff that we
are planning to do next summer. Teachers are very
important t in my life too, because they teach us many
things and they help me when I donít understand
something. They are some of the kindest people that I
have ever met. My friends at school are very nice
people, and we have a lot of fun making jokes and
talking about stuff that we like. Some times we hang
out together and when we do that, I enjoy it so much.

My pet is also very important, because it makes the
house happy. Since it is a Chihuahua, it is very cute
and small. When it sleeps, it makes funny noises and
it loves to play with me. In summer we go out to walk
with my friends and all people on the street love it.
In winter, it stays in the yard, but every day we let
it go in the house and I take it upstairs. It is kind
of old and I hope that it lasts more time, because we
had it since I was 4 or five years old. And now Iím 14
years old. I have a lot of happy moments with it and I
will not forget it.

I am very grateful for the chance to have such a
wonder family, wonderful friends and teachers and a
very special pet. These are the best gifts I ever


Alondra--AGE  14

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