The Best Present  

It was a bright Monday morning and the first day of summer vacation.
Everything was going well until the thought of my broken bike made it to my
head. My bike was my whole life. This was the only way to get out of the
house and not have to baby-sit or clean. Later on, my friends came along
with their new GT's and those new Mongoose mountain bikes. Of course there
was no way I could go riding because my bike was broken, so they left on a
great adventure across the woods and town nearby. I tried fixing the old
piece of junk, but messed up the whole thing. My mom had the evening off
that day and so I explained the whole problem from the beginning. She had
nothing to do so she got up, put me in the car, and drove me to the bike
store. It took me a couple of hours to find just the right one. The bike was
on sale too, so we got it pretty cheap. As soon as we got home I took the
bike out of the box and put it all together. The next day I was in the front
of our little bike group leading every body else to the great adventures of
the world.


Alex--AGE  13

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