Katrina’s Cat Experience  

One Saturday morning Katrina woke up to the ringing of her fuzzy pink alarm clock, “beep, beep, beep!” The alarm rang, “BAM!” Katrina jammed her alarm. She got up out of her pink leopard spot P.J.’s. Her blue and pink blanket slid on the floor. Katrina slid across her floor with her pink leopard spot slippers. She went to her drawers with one eye open, one eye closed. She put on her black jogging suit.

Katrina went into the kitchen and ate her waffle with maple syrup flowing from the top. Suddenly she awoke with both eyes wide open. She went out the front door smiling. Katrina went through the driveway and onto the sidewalk. She started jogging with the left foot first. Katrina was at big Oak St. and she elapsed. She was very fast, so in about 2 seconds, she was already in cherry Bear Park. Katrina looked at her watch. It was already 10:30 a.m. “Daisy and Rose should be here by now!” said Katrina. Daisy and Rose were Katrina’s best friends.

Suddenly, a boy came up, and so did Daisy and Rose. Daisy and Rose came from outside of the park while the boy came from inside of the park. “ This is Darick, the new kid,” said Daisy. “Nice to meet you” said Katrina. “Nice meeting you too!” said Darick in an evil tone, and in a flash Katrina was turned into a cat girl! Darick handed Katrina a mirror. “What’s this for?” said Katrina confused. “Look!” said Darick. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” screamed Katrina.

Around the 4 kids there were 20 kids and 40 adults just staring at Katrina. Katrina found an empty paper bag and put it over her head. “Why did you do this?!” said Katrina. “That’s my job,” said Darick.

She ran all the way to scientist Gregory Vanguire. “Hello dear child” said professor Vanguire “how may I help you?” “Well, you see professer, a boy changed me into a cat girl.” “Go on honey, go on,” said the professor. “and I was hoping you had a cure for it.” said Katrina. “I’ll do the best I can do. Let’s see, Potions, no. Cures for sickness, no. Here we are cats! All I can do is turn you into a real cat!” “Oh well.” said Katrina “sorry for your time”. Katrina walked out the door very slowly. She talked to many people about her cat experience. Katrina came up to her house. She walked right into her door. “Ouch”, said Katrina very softly. Katrina opened the door and went inside her house. She walked into her room. Katrina jumped right on her bed. She was very sad about this situation.

When Katrina was around people, she made them all cat people! Katrina even made Daisy, Rose, Darick and the professor cat people!

The next day Katrina went jogging to the park. She saw 3 cat people sitting on a bench. They had paper bags on their heads. Katrina went up to them. It was Daisy Rose and Darick! “I didn’t know this would happen!” said Darick. She was surprised! Katrina and the 3 bag heads walked to the playground to play. Daisy, Rose, Darick, and Katrina turned every single child and adult into a cat person! Suddenly 2 people came into the park. They weren’t cats! “Wow we want to be cats too!” “No you don’t!” said Rose. “Oh, yes we do!” Daisy spread the news. Now every cat person loved his or her personality. And they all live happily ever after being cats.



Kahlie--AGE  8

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