The Best Gift  

It happened about 5 years ago. My mom wanted to visit her sister who lived
in America. Since we lived in the Ukraine, my mom had to get permission from
our government to go to America. After she got permission to go, and all of
the paper work was done, she was ready to go. Then came the bad part. She
had to leave me, my dad, and my two sisters for about 8 months. My third
sister went to England shortly after my mother left.

From our city, my mom had to go to Kiev, by train, and then from there to
New York. My sister, my dad, and me stood and watched the train leave until
we couldn't see it anymore.

The next day we got a call from our mom. She said that her sister meet her
in New York, and from there they drove to Rochester, where my aunt lived.
She also said that it was really nice in America, but she missed us already.
It was really hard to live without a mother, without her help and her
advise, but I got over it.

After about 8 months my mom was heading home. My dad and my sister's husband
went to pick my mom up from the plane, it was pretty far away and my mom had
a lot of bags, so I couldn't go with them. My sisters and me waited for two
days, but they weren't back. Then we got a call from our dad, he said that
there was a big snowstorm in New York and the plane couldn't leave till the
storm was over, so our mom would be late. When they finally got home I was
really happy. My mom had a lot of gifts for me, but she was the best one.


Jerry--AGE  12

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