My Church  

I thought that my life was complete.
I had wonderful parents and friends to meet.
They liked me even though i was shy
and didnít talk loads like all of the guys.
I went to a good school retaining good grades.
My life was perfect even without maids.

Or so i thought...

Make lots of money and be successful, i was taught.
Money will make you happy when youíre old
and get a husband so your heart wonít be cold.
I kind of believed God was up there watching me,
but I didnít really know him and that he is the key.

In the middle of sixth grade I went to church.
I had fun and my stomach didnít lurch.
As i began to go every week,
I learned more about God and faith began to peek.
Christian is what i would call myself after a year,
but I still didnít know many of my peers.

During the summer, I went online a great deal
and learned their screen names so I could know them for real.
Soon becoming my new found friends,
they kept coming in by the tens.
Church became more important by the time school began,
I thought about it even when i ran.

Soon came the winter retreat during the break
I got so much closer with everyone, no fake!!
All my relationships got so much better,
especially with God, even with no letter.
I truly feel blessed that God gave me this church,
which gave me my faith, friends, and rebirth.


Lena--AGE  13

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