The Sunset  

It was Valentinešs Day and the previous month had been like a
nightmare. Our father left us, then a fire had consumed our house,
destroying everything held within. We had nothing for a while, no clothes,
no money and no place to stay, nothing. After the fire, we went to live
with my grandma in her one bedroom apartment, and slept on her living room
floor. Practically penniless, we had only the clothes on our backs.

Immediately after remembering what day it was, I realized that I didnšt
have anything to give my mother for Valentinešs Day. We had always given
each other something, even if it was just a cookie heart she baked or a
paper card I had made. I lingered out on the balcony of the second floor
apartment, sobbing, for I hated not being able to give my mother anything,
especially now. She needed cheering up; she was every bit as miserable as

Then I saw it. The most beautiful twilight I could have ever imagined.
The iridescent sun rested lightly on top of some clouds crafted of
unbelievable blues, peaches and reds. The colors combined in delicious ways
that only God could get away with. Something clicked in my head, THAT was
the PERFECT gift for my mother.

I ran inside, too excited to talk, and pulled my mother out onto the
balcony. The colors had bled until they filled the ENTIRE exuberant

Mother was absolutely bewildered and elated. She told me in a
breathless voice that no one had ever given her anything as special, or as
beautiful. She said she would take the light and colors of that sunset keep
them in her heart forever...

Now, five years later, we are again on top of the world. We have a
great house, a wonderful new Dad, and all the clothes we need. But she
still remembers that sunset as the most special gift anyone has ever given

The End


Jared--AGE  11

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