A Set Of Paints  

My dad gave me a set of paints that let me light up the sky. I went
over to a mile-high building and I took the paints out and sloshed,
slooshed, slooped, and sloped it all. I gave my dad my 100-watt smile
and waddled to my dad and gave him a shakespere mustash. Then he took
the paints away from me. Years later I went to my friends 11th birthday
party. "What you do is you get to paint on this sheet of paper and
draw."...."Then we all get to re-paint it onto a canvas and enter it in
the contest. This sheet of paper is a rough draft though. Good luck."
She handed me paints and I was shaking my hands so violently I dropped
the paints. My dad never let me paint when I asked him. He always said
I didn't know how to. So I should learn is what I always said and he'd
repeat his, maybe later. Well I'm sick of maybe later and if I need to
grow on it, maybe his maybe later should be now. I don't care what I
paint, I just want to win so he can be amazed and embarrassed for ever
doubting me. I'll paint a bird, on a tree, no something in this
gymnasium, or something I love. So I started on my canvas since it'd
take too long to do both. "Suit yourself" Laura B. shrugged and went to
her "masterpiece". I gave my work a wall and a shakespere and a girl
that waddled like a penguin. When I just had to do the last brick
everyone else was playing freeze-dance. I sighed and called my
painting, "A memory".
When the day came to announce the winner, I was an honorable
mention. Someone from Brooklin won first place and she waddled like a
penguin just like I did when I was little. My dad was at the awarding
unlike I expected. He smiled at my work, for it was on the wall I
painted when I was a tot. The greatest gift ever was a set a paints
which brought two unhappy people together.


Laura--AGE  10

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