"How can you put me with the substories." I moan as I look at my watch. Getting older, older, older, 25, 25, 25, 25...26.... Sometime I'll get there.
"I put you there because you aren't native-american. T.V. won't attract as many veiwers unless the story is told by one of the people. You're just not one of them."
"I can read about them! This time-for-kids should be done by kids if it's for kids."
"You are a kid. You can do your landry though you can't reach the handle. You know about wild adventures though you never do them. You have crushes though you never get crushed."
"Kyle...listen to me. I have known you since kindergarten...you're a good friend, though you always change the subject. Look, I always get the huge articles, the one's on the cover of the magazine and I always get paid the amount I should. Though since I am not a native-american or even look like one I get treated differently. That's just wrong."
"Look Laura, whatever you said was nice, though I have to talk to Julie."
"Sure, whatever."

"Hey Julie, you want the cover job? Since you've got the skin and all."
What? I can't believe he just bailed on me like that. Should I burst in on him or what? Help me please. I don't know if it's wrong. Yeah sure it'll help T.V. though I don't think it's right. Maybe he's just giving her time magazine cover job. Life's a worry for me.

"Laura, what are you doing back here?"
"Writing a poem. About you and Ms. Skin."
"Can I read it?"
"Sure. I don't really care."
I left and I knew if I went quickly he would race after me, that's my dream's for a man to rush after me. Though in this situation, I just want to be alone.


Laura--AGE  10

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