My Teddy Bear

I was about three years old at the time. It was a warm summers day and I was playing in the paddling pool in my back garden.

In the afternoon my mum returned home from shopping. To my delight she had brought me something. It was a teddy bear. I already had a shelf of cuddly toys in my little bedroom but I felt that this one was special. It was thin and had a pouch for its tummy. It was blue my favourite colour and its paws and face were pale brown. Its face was gentle and smiling and felt soft. It wasn't like most of the stiff, awkward teddies I'd had before.

That night he was tucked into bed beside me with his own little pillow and blanket. I called it Nightie Teddy for the simple reason that the pouch was to put you pyjamas in. Mind you, I filled it with all my prised processions; fruity soaps, plastic figures out of cereal boxes, sunglasses and so on.

Now my teddy's face is worn and dark brown with sunshine. He has spent many summers in my new back garden playing school and going on nature hunts. He has been on almost as many holidays as me.

Now my teddy is ten years old but he is still tucked in beside me most nights. I love my favourite teddy and it's the best present I've ever got.


Ruth--AGE  13

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