My Best Friend, Kawehi

The best gift I ever received was a gift from my parents. It was
for no special reason, except that I was doing well on my lessons, doing my
chores and dancing my best in ballet. I remember the day I got her. It was
July 2, 2000. My mom and dad took me to a pet store to pick out a parakeet
for my own. I looked into the cage and spied a blue and white bird playing
with a string toy. It wasn’t flying around and afraid like the others. Even
when the store owner stuck her hand in to put her into a box, she did not fly
away. On the way home, she kept putting her eye to the holes in the box to
look out at us. She seemed so very tame.

When I got her home, I carried her on my finger and shoulders all day,
even when I did my lessons and practiced my piano. I named her Kawehi. In
hawaiian, it means "decoration". She would chirp very pleasantly when I
played my radio or the piano. I could take her outside on my shoulders and
never worry about her flying away. She was so smart and brave, that I was
able to train her to ride a small skateboard down a book ramp. If she fell
off , she would get back on for another ride.

One morning, she woke me up with a fall from her cage perch. I jumped
off my bunk bed quickly to take a look at her and found her on the cage
floor. I ran to get my mom. My mom said, "It looks like she’s broken her
neck". So we watched her close her eyes and lie very still. It was so
quick. We buried her in the japanese garden where I lay flowers on her grave
almost everyday. I’m glad I have photos of her riding her skateboard. She
was my best friend for six months.


Erica--AGE  9

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