KIDWORLD International Writing Contest
January, 2001
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Winner in Age Group   
Contest Theme: "The best gift I ever received"

Rain ,  by Dana, age 10

Little Jesus, by Georgina, age 11

The Best Gift I've Ever Received , by Christy, age 13

A Little Something, by Jason, age 12

The Best Gift I Ever Received , by Janice, age ??

The Best Gift I've Received!,   by Alyssa, age 10

The Greatest Gift I Ever Received, by Miriam, age 15

The Best Gift I Ever Received , by Courtney, age 12

The Christmas Visit , by Meghan, age 12

The Best Gift I Ever Received , by Elizabeth, age 12

The Best Gift I Ever Received ,  by Sammantha, age 14

Friendship , by Chris, age 14

My Freedom, by  Riley, age 7

Phoebe, The Best Gift Ever, by Sting, age 10

My Unique Mind , by CharLee, age 12

The Necklace , by Kate, age 14

My New Cousin , by Abigail, age 9

The Best Gift I Ever Received , by Caleb, age 6

The Gift , by Melissa, age 9

Cleo by Madi, age 9

My Best Friend, Kawehi by Erica, age 9

My Teddy Bear   by Ruth, age 135

Future  by Laura, age 10

Friends by Laura, age 10

A Set of Paints by Laura, age 10

The Sunset by Jared, age 11

My Church by Lena, age  13

The Best Gift  by Jerry, age  12

Katrina’s Cat Experience  by Kahlie, age  8

The Best Present  by Alex, age  13

The Best Gifts I Ever Received  by Alondra, age  14

The Most Beautiful Bed  by Anne, age  9

The Best Gift I Ever Gave...  by K. A., age  11

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