Christmas day was a wet day in seattle as I walked down sitars to see what awaited me under the tree. I was sure I had done every thing right I had pleaded and pleaded but still mom said she thought that I wasn’t ready and I was not responsible enough. I walked in to the living room the same way I had for 9 years but what I saw was different than every thing I had ever seen. There was a small bed with a note inside that said I think your ready. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t have thought of any thing better in the whole world that could have happened . The next day we went from shelter to shelter when we finally thought we would explode we thought we would go back to the first place we looked at . And there she was the most beautiful and perfect cat you have ever seen rite there in cage number 4. We named her Cleo fore Cleopatra because she was like a queen. That night in bed I thought it was enough to know that my mom truster me


Madi--AGE  9

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