The best gift of all is friendship. Friendship is the backbone of society today. Friends have strong roots and always stay together. People who are friends help cushion each other on the impacts of society. Friends basically give each other support when they are growing up. Friendship is a good thing to have. You sure are going to need friendship when you are growing up. Friendship is awesome as seen through it lets you experience life, it lets you always have someone there, and it helps you to enjoy life.

Friendship is super de duper as seen through it lets you run and frolic through the ups and downs of life. With a friend always there you can try things together. My friend, Steven and I were at the park and we wanted to be able to do backflips off the swings. I stood behind Steven to catch him if he fell. He did it perfectly. Then he stood behind me so that he could catch me if I started to fall. Well, I attempted my backflip off. I landed on my heels but I fell backwards and landed on my butt. I was about to hit my back, probably get whiplash and hurt my head, but Steven caught me. I could have hurt myself and had to go home. Since I was with Steven, I didn't. That was a good thing because I wanted to go to a big hoop-lah later that night. This helps me realize that trying new things with friends around is fun. They help you out. You can experience more new and different things. It is like when you weight lift and you have a spot, you can do more weight, more times. This is one of the ways my friends help me try new things. I would never have attempted anything wild or crazy without a friend near by. Through enjoying and experiencing life with friends it helps you prepare for the real world. In this event it shows me that if I ever want to be a gymnast, I know my limits. Friends are a great aspect in helping you to live life to the fullest.

Another great joy of friendship besides letting you experience life, is always having someone near by who cares. One day at school the kids were all bugging me about my obesity. I tried to keep smiling and I left the conversation, went to my locker and started to shed some tears. Andrew had seen me walk off. He stopped to chat. I told him that everyone was poking fun towards me. He said that what they were doing was okay. He also said that they were just trying to have fun. This made me feel much better. I was happy I had a friend like Andrew there to help me out. Andrew was there for me. If he weren't, I probably would have felt sad all day long. I probably wouldn't have done any work in my classes. This would have been because I was too depressed to work. Andrew was there in my time of need without him I would have been bugged more and then I would have cried more. Friends need someone to talk to or else life would be very rough. A rough life could lead to many problems. You could get into messes with drugs, alcohol and gambling. You could even get into suicide. However, that could all be forgotten if you have a good friend that will always be there for you. Having someone around to help you in you time of need can be a great advantage in a game, that is life.

As well as always having someone there, friendship helps you have fun through out life. The other day I was watching the Simpsons at my house. I had spent the whole day at home so Simpsons seemed a little boring. Just then Vince called. He invited me over to his house so we could just hang. When I got there, he was watching T.V., so I sat down to hear the theme song for the beginning of the Simpsons. We ended up watching it. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't as lame as I thought it would be. Watching it with friends was so much more enjoyable than watching it by myself. This is one of the many ways that friends let each other love life to the fullest. Spending time with Vince really brightened up my day. Even though I was doing the same thing with Vince as I was at home, at Vince's house it seemed better. Friends think kind of like you do. They laugh at the same things. Sometimes I will laugh at something just because my friend laughed. This happened a lot at Vince's house. Friends are people who will laugh at your jokes. This is probably because they have the same sense of humor. Friends really do let you enjoy life.

Experiencing and loving life while having someone there is awesome as seen through having someone there helps you to grow up easier. Friendship makes life more fun. Friendship can also let you have a bigger taste of life. My friends are people who I know well. Have you ever thought about how your friends affect your life?


Chris--AGE  14

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