The House on Maple Street            2025

 I felt strange being
in my house, it's like there's a secret

about it that I don't know about.  I thought while eating my dinner, "Do you want more eggs?" 
My mom asked me.  "No thanks" I told my mom.  I put my plate
in the dishwasher and turned on the TV.  The news said there would
be liftoff on Maple Street.  What, there is no space shuttle on Maple
Street?  I thought.  "The spaceship will go off in 30 minutes",
the man on TV said.  I turned off the TV and went into my room. 
I started playing videogames for awhile and my mom came in my room. 
" I looked on the news and saw that our house will be lifting off into
space."  She said.  "There's something strange about this house. 
"  I told my mom.  I felt like I was in an airplane about to
take off.  I looked out the window and saw that there were rocket
boosters on the bottom of the house.  "Come here, Mom," I said. 
She came over to the
window, looked out, and
saw that the house was 10 feet from the ground.  The house was getting
higher and higher.  We turned on the TV, and it showed our house lifting
into the air. 

"What's happening?" my mom said.  I looked out
the window and saw that we were going about 30 mph. And we were about 50
feet from the ground.  "There must be a control room to control this
ship", I said.  I found a little secret passage that led into a room
with controls in it.  My mom couldn't fit into the passage so I had
to do it alone.  I flipped a switch and smoke started coming out of
the chimney like exhaust from an airplane.  I found a joystick and
pushed a red button on it.  "Shield activated", the machine said. 
My mom looked out the window and saw a red shield around the house. 
I moved the joystick left and the house went left.  "This is so cool',
I said.  I noticed that we were about 200 feet from the ground. 
I pressed a green button and the house went faster and faster.  I
looked out the window and I couldn't see the ground anymore.  The
next minute it got darker and we got out of the Earth's atmosphere. 
I pressed a button and wings came out from the sides.  We were heading
towards the sun about to burn up and I turned the joystick to the right
and found myself inside the Asteroid Belt.

There was asteroids hitting the shield and the shield broke.  "Uh

oh we're in trouble now I said.  There was an asteroid coming towards the house.  I moved the joystick up and the asteroid missed.  We were heading for 5 asteroids. 
I saw a danger button in red.  I pressed it anyway.  A missile
came out of one of the wings and destroyed 3 of the asteroids.  I
pressed the red button and held it down and missiles came out like a machine
gun.  The 2 asteroids blew-up and we were safe.  "I'm safe,"
I said pretending to be at home plate on a baseball field.  "Shield
activated" the machine said.  I looked out the window and the shield
was on again.  I pressed another button and the house fully transformed
into a spaceship.  I saw that we were heading towards Earth's' moon. 
I pushed the control stick down and got closer to the moon.  I pressed
a button that said landing wheels on.  The landing wheels came out
from under the spaceship.  I slowed the spaceship down and landed
on the moon.  My mom was scared that we were actually on the moon. 
I went into the secret passage and went back into my room.  I saw
that my mom was frightened from what had happened. 

"That was scary",
my mom said.  "Where are we"?  She asked.  "On the moon"
I told her.  "I can't believe it", she said.  "I've dreamed all
of my life to be an astronaut. "  My mom said.  I opened the
closet and saw that all my clothes turned into space suits.  My mom
and I put those over our clothes and went to the door of the space ship. 

There was a button next to the door and my mom pressed it.  The door
opened and the shield turned off.  We stepped outside and wrote down
all the information about the moon.  I picked up something in my pocket. 
It was a machine.  I turned it on and it started saying tons of information
about the moon.  It said that the moon used to be one of Mars' moons,
but escaped and came into Earth's gravity.  The machine kept on saying
more information about the moon.  I noticed another button that said
teleport information.  I pressed that button and the information teleported
to Earth.  It was teleported to the Kennedy Space Center.  I
jumped up and I went 12 feet in the air.  I did 2 flips and landed
on the ground.  My mom jumped up and did a flip too.  We explored
part of the moon and went to the spaceship.  "That was fun". 
I said.  " I had a fun time too".  My mom said.  We pressed
the button on the door and the door opened. 

We went inside and saw
my dad watching TV.  "Finally you got up," I said to my dad. 
My dad turned around and said "Good morning to us".  Well it's already
1:00", my mom said".  "I'm starving".  I said.  I went to
the cabinet and opened it.  All the food turned into space food. 
I took a bag of space ice cream and ate some.  "This is good". 
I told
my mom and dad. 
"What space food?"  My dad said.  "Why did you buy space food?" 
My dad asked my mom complaining.  "It's not like we are in space or
something."  My dad said.  "If you don't believe me look out
the window then", my mom said.  My dad got up, looked out the window,
and saw Earth outside.  "Where in the world are we?" My dad asked. 
"We are on the moon", I told him.  My dad picked up the camera and
headed for the door.  "Wait", my mom said.  "You need a space
suit."  My dad went into his room and looked in his closet. 
He put on the space suit and pressed the button on the door.  The
door opened and my dad went outside.  My mom and I put our space suits
on and followed him.  We found my dad taking pictures of the huge
Earth.  "Here you take one".  My dad said.  I turned around
and took a picture of Venus.  Venus was a lot bigger from the moon
than Earth.  I took a picture of Venus's moons and gave the camera
back to my dad.  I got a tape measure and came back outside. 
"Let's see how big the moon is?'  I said.  "Ok" my dad, said. 

We went back into the spaceship and I led my mom and dad to my room. 
"The control room is over here, but you're too big to go in" I said. 
I went in to the secret passage then to the control room.  I pushed
the button that said measure distance.  Then I pushed the on button. 
The spaceship glided along

the floor of the moon.  I saw a large bump outside and couldn't figure out
what it was.  When I got closer I figured it was a volcano.  I turned the
joystick right to avoid the volcano.  The volcano erupted and the lava was
traveling really fast.  "We need to go faster," I said.  I pressed a button
that said megaboost.  Rocket engines came out from the back of the spaceship
and the spaceship traveled much faster.  I turned the joystick all the way to
the right.  The volcano grew slower and the lava turned black.  We came back
where we started and I pushed the off button.  10,000 miles the machine said.
 "Wow tthe Moon is pretty big' I said.  I went into the secret passage and
back into my room."That was cool".  My mom said.  "I took some pictures of
that volcano right when it erupted.  And I took another one when the lava was
5 feet away from the spaceship."  My dad said.  We went outside and saw 5
aliens standing there.  "Stop, said the alien.  "  You are under arrest for
destroying our town'.  The aliens said.  "We didn't do anything," my mom
said.  "Stop lying" the alien said.  "We will take you to our leader".  The
aliens made a circle around us and grabbed us by our hands.  They tied our
hands together and they took us to their destroyed town.  There was a huge
castle that hadn't been destroyed.  "This is the kings' castle", the aliens
said.  They brought us inside the castle.  Inside we saw the master alien.
"You have destroyed my city," the master alien said.  "You must pay for
this", He said.  "Uh oh we're in trouble now", I said.  "What are we going to
do?" my mom asked.  "I have a plan.  When they try and put us in jail we will
push them in before they push us in."  My dad said.  "Put them in jail?"  The
master alien said loudly.  The jail door opened and the aliens tried to put
us in but we pushed them in.  The master alien pushed a button and the door
closed.  "  We escaped".  I said.  We ran for the exit and it was closed.  We
banged on the door and it wouldn't open.  "Not so fast" the master alien
said.  The button to the door is over here.  But you'll have to get it
yourself.  Beware!  I wouldn't try escaping if I were you." The master alien
said.  "This place is probably booby-trapped or something.  You stay here and
I will push the control button and we will all run out the door."  I ran for
the button and a net came falling down.  I dove to the right and the net
missed me.  I saw a big monster come out of a door.  I ran as fast as I could
from the monster and fell into a big hole.  I couldn't get out and tried to
think fast.  The monster jumped in and I found a vine.  I climbed up the vine
and out of the big hole.  I pulled the vine up so the monster couldn't get
out of the hole.  I ran for the control button and I saw lasers across the
floor.  I jumped in-between the lasers and pushed the control button.  My
dad, mom and I ran for the exit.  We ran out the door and ran for the
spaceship.  We went inside the spaceship and we headed for my room.  I
pressed the on button.  The spaceship lifted off the ground.  Then I pressed
the megablast button and the spaceship traveled into space.  I turned the
joystick toward Mars.  I pressed the button called Auto-pilot.  The spaceship
was flying all by itself.  I went into the secret passage and back to my
room.  "At least we escaped from those weird aliens."  My mom said.  "Aren't
you driving this spaceship?"  Dad asked me.  "I put it on auto-pilot", I
said.  "I'm tired of that really long day," my mom said.  My mom fell asleep
in my bed in about 5 minutes.  I looked at the clock and it was 10:00.
"Yippee, I get to stay up longer than I usually get to.  Alright, I don't
have to go to school anymore," I said.  I turned on Nintendo 64 and played
Diddy Kong Racing.  I beat a couple levels and turned it off.  I pushed my
mom off the bed so I could have a place to sleep and she landed on the floor.
 I found my dad asleep on the top bunk.  I laid down on my bed and in 10
minutes I was asleep.
           The next morning I got up and saw that I was on Mars.  I went to
go get some food to eat in the pantry.  Then I felt like I wasn't hungry
anymore.  I went into my Dad's bedroom and got some shaving cream.  Then I
went into my mom's room and got a feather from her collection.  I went back
into my bedroom and on the top bunk.  I sprayed some shaving cream on my
dad's hand.  Then I took the feather and tickled him on the face.  My Dad
itched his face and got shaving cream all over..


Johnny--AGE 10

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