Today We Live

Copyright © 2000 by Jessica Beckett


     Jonathan threw himself onto the couch after school and flipped on the T.V. set. It was on the news channel. Jonathan watched as the anchor went through the day’s news…

     “Today scientists are cheering at their success. They have successfully cloned the first man! Here is Dan with the original Albert Harbert and his clone…”

     “The war that has been raging with Iran for the past 2 years has “flared up.” Over 50 American soldiers were killed as a result of a bombing in a military camp, for more details watch at 6…”

     “The supreme court has signed a law that allows children; and teachers to practice and teach their religions in public schools…”

     “The new fashion report; are pants with phones installed in them really needed? …”

     “A new “hot” toy your kids will be begging for! Walkies talkies that can work a distance of up to 2 miles! No batteries or plugs needed! But beware before making any promises! These can range from $250-$400 dollars! …”

     “A teen went to the Supreme Court today protesting against the under-aged drinking law…”

     “And that’s the news for today! February 23, 2025. Thank you and good-day.”

Jonathan got up from his position on the couch and walked away mumbling;

     “What a nutty world we have to put up with!”

By Jessica Beckett,

Age 12

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