The Tiny Little Dragon

                   There once was a little dragon
                    who was bored out of his head.
                    He couldn't find a thing to do
                    since he'd got out of bed!

                    "That chess set looks
                    I think I'll take a look"
                    He took out his toothpick and
                    jousted with a rook.

                    Then he tried to do a puzzle
                    (but that was extremely dull)
                    so he went outside, picked up
                    some rocks
                    and chucked them at seagulls!

                    ''Now,'' said the dragon
                    ''I'm really having fun!
                    I'll have hit twenty seagulls
                    before the day is done!''

                    But along came a police man
                    with a very angry look.
                    He was about to arrest the
                    but he let him off the hook

                    The dragon held his fiery breath

                    and smiled a crooked smile
                    Knowing that the handcuffs
                    wouldn't fit him by a mile.

                    So the dragon left his pile of
                    and walked away feeling sad
                    ''I finally find something fun
                    to do
                    and I can't even do that!''

                    So the tiny little dragon
                    went inside to cry.
                    Then he was feeling hungry
                    so he made an apple pie.

                    But the tiny little dragon
                    is very small you see,
                    he isn't even half the size
                    of you, your mom or me!

                    So do you know what he did?
                    (that silly little dot)
                    why the tiny little dragon
                    he fell right into the pot!

                    The surprised little dragon
                    feared that he might choke
                    But he bobbed up to the surface
                    and did a little backstroke.

                    He spent the morning splashing
                    and diving in the muck
                    "It's turned out to be quite a
                    now isn't that good luck!".


Aleigha--AGE 11

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