older, wiser?
Looking back,

on childhood days,

I thought I knew it all,

but really knew nothing.

I was 15 that year, 2000,

Everyone thought "New Millennium, hope for the world"

Even I, a mere teenage girl.

With hopes of saving the world,

And bringing world peace,

The years went by.

Now I am older, perhaps wiser.

As I watch my children grow,

I wonder, will they ever know,

That each year,

Goes by so quickly,

Until they all blend together.

The year may be 2025,

But I am reminded of the years past,

For these days seem so similar,

I hope everyone notices,

That you must live for the day, not the year,

Before they waste their life away.

People thought the year 2025,

Would be filled with technology,

And new wonders,

When in fact,

It is really no different,

Then 1995 or 2000.

And personally,

I wouldn't have it

Any other way.


Amy --AGE 14

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