The Beginning of

Harry Potter

Author's note: !WARNING! Do not read until all (3) of the Harry Potter books are completed! !WARNING!

"James come here, quick!" yelled Harry's future mother Lily. "The baby its... its.. time!"

"OK Lily let me get the car!" James panicly running through the Potter's house. "Come let's go down to the Hospital Wing hurry!" Quickly the Potter's jumped into the car and "drove" if you could call flying two feet off the ground that to the Hospital. When they arrived Madam Pomfrey and the rest of the doctors put Lily on to a hospital bed and brought her to the emergency room. Within minutes a new born boy was lying in the lap of Lily Potter.

"What should his name be James?" "Oh I have it Sirius!" "No, how about Ron?" sitting with her baby Lily was still trying to find the perfect name for the baby boy.

"How about Harry honey?" James asked.

"Perfect! Harry, Yes, Harry Potter what a wonderful name!" James and Lily Potter and Harry hugged.

"Maybe he'll be as good as you were at Quidditch James." James and Lily smiled.

James returned home and went back every hour to check on Harry and Lily. On the third night they all returned home and of course had a party. All of James' and Lily's friends were there.

"How's the new baby?" asked an older man by the name of Albus.

"He's great!" answered James and Lily without hesitation.

After all the people had gone and all that remained were the new family Harry laid down to bed on is first night on earth.

The next morning the family woke up and went to a man's house. "So Sirius how is the new place?" Lily asked the man.

"Great I love it! And what is the little baby boy's name?"

"Harry, Harry Potter," quickly and happily answered James. after drinking coffee James, Lily, and Sirius began talking serious. "Sirius as you know He-who-shall-not-be-named is after Lily and I. So, we have decided to make you our secret keeper."

But before James could say another word Sirius interrupted, "NO, Peter should be the servant not me. Please James."

"You are our secret keeper not Peter, and you are also Harry's Godfather." said James trying to stay calm.

Without another word Lily, James, and Harry left the house of Sirius Black. When they got back it was now 7:00 p.m..

"Honey, honestly can you try to stay calm next time?" Lily said.

Back at the house of Sirius Black Sirius left to go to the hideout of Peter Pettigrew. When he arrived Peter was gone and at that moment Sirius realized where he had gone. "Lily and James!"

At the Potter house there was a bang at the door, "Lily go get Harry," James pushing Lily away from the door. While Lily went to get Harry James opened the door. "Voldemort. Peter."

"Hello James." And without warning or knowing spells cast upon Voldemort, James, and Peter. Quickly Lily arrived after lying Harry by the door.

"Piznarvious!" called Voldemort and hit James in the chest. Before Lily could save him James Potter was dead.

"NO! James!" Lily called out a spell and pointed it at Harry. "Hickornoys!" The spell hit Harry in the head and Harry did not move.

"Harry!" Lily turned to Voldemort, "You might have killed my husband but not my son!" "Jilorus Filorus!" Voldemort was pushed against a wall and fell down.

The other man Peter called out another spell, "Slawrir!"

Lily fell face down and managed to pull off one more magic spell, "Piznarvious!" The same spell that had killed Lily's husband just moments ago hit Peter and peter to hit the wall. Lily managed to say one last sentence, "I love you Harry" And Harry's new mother died.

Voldemort and Peter fled and moments after they did Sirius arrived.

"Oh my God," Sirius had tears on his cheeks. Just as he arrived Sirius was gone. "I have to kill Peter for James and Lily!" He ran to a street full of people and found his target Peter, but before Sirius could get a spell off Peter transformed to a mouse. Peter sent a powerful spell toward everyone on the street. It missed Sirius and hit thirteen muggles which instantly died. The remaining people turned to see a man with a wand in his hand and convicted him without thinking. The cops arrived and cuffed Sirius who was taken to a prison, The Prison of Azkaban.

Harry was left alive but left with a scar on his head shaped like a lightning bolt. Since Harry's parents were dead Harry was forced to live with his mother's sister Mrs. Dursley.


Linds --AGE 13

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