The Magician’s Pet Shop

"Ola, are you going to that new pet shop? I think I saw it on Black Avenue yesterday evening; maybe we can go check it out after school. I heard they've got lots of puppies,” said Ola's best friend Mariette. " What do you mean? I’ve been on Black Avenue this morning, and there was no pet shop, in fact, there weren’t any stores but the library, and if you say there’s a new pet shop, don’t you think I’d notice it?" “Are you calling me a liar?" Asked Mariette. "No, but don’t you think it’s a little hard to believe, that a store could appear and then disappear?” “ Yes, but maybe you missed it, it wasn’t that big anyway” said Mariette, trying to sound as innocent as she could. “Okay we can go see it after school, then we can see if I’m right, or you.” Then they both headed to their class. Finally, I said to myself as the school bell rang for dismissal. Before I knew it, I dashed for the door, and instantly stopped when I saw my sister Monika standing there. “ Ola, what’s the rush?” She asked, trying to sound concerned, I just said, “ I don’t know”. I mean what should I have told her, well; Mariette and me are going to see a pet shop that appears at dawn and then disappears. I don’t think so. It would probably be a miracle if she just laughed. Then Monika started heading for the door, which led to the outside of the school building.

I started searching the class for any sign of Mariette, but I knew that I would have to wait a while, because most of class was searching frantically for lost papers and asking about homework. After about 10 minutes, there were only 4 students left, Jessica, Veronica, 1 boy that had to stay for detention, and Mariette. “Come on, let’s go,” I said to her, motioning with my hands. “I can’t find my Math sheet,” she informed me. “I’ll let you borrow mine,” I said. A few more minutes went by as we packed Mariette’s backpack. Finally we made it outside.

After some frantic searching, we found Black Avenue. It was cold and deserted, and the old library felt creepier then ever. “ I told you there was no pet shop, besides who’d want a new store here and not somewhere where everybody is?” I said. All of a sudden a twig snapped behind them, and the bush rustled. Ola and Mariette turned around and both said,” What was that?” in the same time, but none of them laughed. They started going toward the bush when someone jumped from behind the bush and yelled “boo,” I was about to scream when I saw, it was just my little sister Mika, (that’s her short form). So instead I said, “ what are you doing here?” as mad as I possibly could. “Well sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you that much. I just followed you here because I wanted to see the pet shop too, I heard you talking about it this morning, and when I saw you in a rush from your classroom, I decided you must have been going today. The reason I scared you was because I saw you guys were creeped out; boy, you should have seen your faces.” “Okay, I’m not going to get mad at you till we get home, because now I’m still a bit shaky,” said Ola.

They all turned around, and froze at what they saw, the pet shop. Mariette was the first one to speak, she said, “ is it just me, or did this pet shop appear out of nowhere?” “ I think it just appeared,” I said, barely being able to breath. Slowly and cautiously we started going toward it. Every few seconds, we peered behind our backs; just to make sure no one was following us. At last we reached it. It didn’t look as spooky close to it then it did farther off. The only creepy thing was the thought of what just had happened a few seconds ago.

“Should we go in?” I wondered. “Yes,” my sister said, with a daring tone. “I don’t know, what if something happens to us while we’re inside?” Mariette asked, “What could happen? A puppy’s going to bite you?” whispered Mika, with laughter, “ No, like the pet shop could disappear and reappear who knows where!” Mariette continued. “Good point,” Mika said, starting to whisper again. While the two girls were talking, they didn’t notice Ola was gone, finally when they were going to ask her what they should do, they noticed she was gone. Horrible thoughts came to their heads while they searched all around the Pet shop.

As I walked inside of the pet shop, I knew my sister and Mariette wouldn’t stop talking for a while; so instead of fighting along with them, I came inside here. It was amazing in here, there were tons of eggs, some that had baby blue clouds on it and they moved about, all over the egg. Some were green, some yellow and so on. I knew they were all probably plastic, but they were beautiful, a decoration of some sort. Boy, was I wrong.

I didn’t notice the shopkeeper, until I heard an owl hoot, I spun around and he said “welcome to my pet shop, can I help you with anything?” I did want to know why it kept appearing and disappearing, but I wanted that egg more then anything, it would look so good on my shelf. “Yes, I would like that egg with clouds please.” I told him. He smiled at me and replied, “Since you are my first customer here, you can have it for free.” Ola muttered under her breath, “yes!”

While he was getting the egg, she asked him “what do you mean, that I’m your first customer, here.” It took him a while to answer, like getting ready to answer a secret. “This store is magic, it can go where ever it wants to, like a bird in the sky, since now you know my secret, you can never ever leave,” then he smiled, an evil smile.

“I give up” confessed Mika, “me too” muttered Mariette. “I think I know where she might be thou” Mika told Mariette. “That’s what you say every five minutes.” “ Why haven’t I thought of this before? She must be in the pet shop” “ Mika, you’re a genius, that’s the only spot we didn’t look yet”

At the pet shop, Ola was scared; she didn’t know what to do. The shopkeeper was blocking the door. Ola’s head started spinning, and she felt dizzy, but she still knew what was happening, they were going to another place, now Mariette and Monika will never be able to rescue me, she thought. Just then the spinning stopped. Ola looked out of the window, and there was still hope of escaping, they didn’t go anywhere. “Don’t be happy, the only reason we didn’t go anywhere, is because there can only be one human in the store. I know what to do thou, follow me, it’s the only thing you can do anyway,” said the shopkeeper. I didn’t know what to believe, the shopkeeper, or my instinct, which told me something bad is going to happen. At last, I decided to follow the shopkeeper, and when we reached the destination room. I screamed.

Mariette and Monika had to go to their homes, to get a flashlight and jacket, since it was growing dark and cold. They were to meet at the pet shop, or if bad luck came, where it had been. “Mika, where’s Ola?” asked their mom, “um, we’re playing hide and seek on Black Avenue,” “Okay, but be back no later then 7:00 pm, now it’s 5:00 pm.” Mika thought to herself, I have 2 hours, if it doesn’t work out, or if something happens, I’ll just tell mom, that Ola, and me are sleeping at Mariette’s.

“What’s the matter?” asked the shopkeeper. The whole entire room was filled with machines; Ola knew he was going to do something to her, but she still hadn’t found out what. Please hurry, Ola begged in her mind, for her sister and friend to come, before the shopkeeper can do, whatever he has in mind for her. The shopkeeper led her to a table with two chairs, he said, “I just want to talk to you, sit down.” It sounded more of a command to Ola. Ola sat down, then felt something go around her arms, as to hold her. “Let me go” she yelled. Then she blanked out.

Mariette started walking across the street, when a black cat crossed her path; she knew it was supposed to be bad luck. She should turn back, but she had to rescue her best friend, also she had promised to meet with Monika, she couldn’t just let her search by herself. Mariette walked, and walked, sometimes she thought of turning around, and running home, at those times, she just thought of Ola, and kept on going. She saw ahead of her the pet shop, and almost leaped with joy, it hadn’t left yet. Mika was waiting for Mariette beside the store, and when she saw her coming, she felt hopeful, like maybe she and Mariette, could really rescue her sister. She called to Mariette “hurry up.” They walked in the store.

Ola got conscious again, but felt weirder then ever, something was not right, and she knew it. She was cramped inside of something, and couldn’t move. She tried yelling something out, but her mouth wouldn’t obey. She would just have to wait.

“Excuse me, have you seen my sister? she came in here about 2 hours ago,” said my brave sister Mika. “No,” lied the shopkeeper. “Look around maybe you’ll find something you like, if you do, just ring the bell.” He pointed to a small bell on the counter, and left. I could hear every word that shopkeeper said, even though I was stuck in here.

Beep, beep, went the bell, in an instant the shopkeeper came in to the room. “Yes, what would you like?” asked the man. My sister said “I would like to buy that plastic egg, and if I may, can I choose which one I want?” “sure,” said the shopkeeper. “We didn’t come here to buy anything,” said Mariette angrily, but still whispering, “I know, I’m just buying it for my sister, because I know she would have wanted one.”

Now, I could see my hand, err, paw. If I could have screamed I would have. I knew what had happened, the shopkeeper had turned me into whatever it is usually in this egg. I felt the egg beside me move.

“No,” I heard the shopkeeper yell, “not, that one.” He must have thought it was me in there. You can’t have that one because it’s broken, was his excuse. Then I felt like I was being lifted. “Here, is how to take care of it, I mean like clean it and stuff.” He handed them a letter. “Let’s put the egg inside a box,” said Mika. Mariette and Mika were taking turns holding the box. Finally they reached Mariette’s house, and Mika phoned home to tell her mom she and Ola were sleeping over, just so her mom wouldn’t worry. They left the egg on the shelf, and went to sleep.

I had to get out of this egg; I couldn’t stand being in here anymore. I took my claws and scratched the egg, instantly I made a hole. Soon, it was big enough for me to poke my head through. I kept pawing on the egg, until it was big enough for me to get through. I got out of it, and tried to figure out what I was. I tried to remember where Mariette’s giant mirror was, oh yes, on the wall above her bed. I jumped off the shelf and noticed I had scales, and I landed with four feet. When I got to the mirror, I screamed, but it sounded more like a growl. I was a…

Mika woke up, and looked at the egg, “Oh my gosh” she cried, and got up from her mattress. “Mariette, wake up, wake up!” “What” said Mariette sleepily. “The egg, someone broke it, I think it was your Siamese cat, Chocolate.” “I don’t think she could get on my highest shelf,” explained Mariette, “well then what happened to it?” asked Monika “I don’t know, my guess though is, it hatched,” “don’t be ridiculous, what kind of egg has blue swirly clouds on it that move?” Mika asked. “Let’s look around and find the creature” told Mariette.

As I was saying, I’m a baby dragon. I fit the description, I had scales, wings, claws, tail, and I tried breathing fire, but I’ll need practice. Now though, I need to fly out of here, just then I was captured in a net.

“What is it?” asked Monika, “I’m not sure, but I think it’s a dragon,” “that’s impossible!” stated Mika, “don’t you think it’s hard enough for me to believe it?” “Okay, if it’s a dragon, then I’m calling it, Spiter,” “ya, whatever” Mariette said. “I’m going to go to the pet shop and find my sister,” “no, we must go together,” said Mariette.

So the two girls were off. The dragon was left alone. It found a piece of paper and wrote this:

Hello, I am the dragon, Ola. So don’t look for me any more. The shopkeeper turned me into one. The only thing I can think of is to go back, and demand him, to turn me back to a girl. Bye, Ola (Spiter?)

The girls went back to the house to take the dragon with them, but were stunned at the note beneath it. “Why, are you playing jokes with me?” asked Mariette, “can’t you see I’m not in the mood for a joke, especially involving my best friend,” declared Mariette, “I thought you wrote it,” said Mika honestly. “Spiter, come here, if your really Ola, then write Ola on this paper right now,” Mariette told the dragon. “This is so pathetic, I’m talking to a dragon,” said Mariette. Then she looked down on the sheet, and it read Ola.

The girls ran, practically the whole way to Black Avenue, and the shop wasn’t there. All there was left was a note that said:

You probably know by now, that your friend, Ola is a Dragon. For her to turn back to human, well there is no way, except; wait for her to be 1 year old which by then she’ll be as big as a small dog, and she is to eat garlic, by then her allergies to garlic will be there. She will go unconscious, so put her in your closet. In an hour she’ll be human. While she’s in there though noone can look in the closet, because light will kill her. (Not when she’s human though) Bye, the shopkeeper

1 year later

It was fun being a dragon, no chores, homework, and stuff, but now it was time for Ola, to become a human again. Everybody did what they, were supposed to, so all they had to do now was wait. They held their breath as the hour clock struck 6:00 p.m., and the door of the closet started opening, Ola had got out, and Mika screamed, Ola’s face was, was “hey,” said Mika angrily, as Ola took off the mask. “Well, now everything is going to be normal for a change,” said Ola’s mom and dad. Then everyone laughed.

As soon as everyone had left, Ola thanked her sister and bestest friend in the world, Mariette for saving her life. Then she took the broken pieces of eggshells left, divided them in three equal pieces, and said “this is the memory for our adventure,” and Mika said “Amen.”

The End


Ola --AGE 12

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