Moon Base Copernicus

August 6, 2025

The human race has another world we call home. It is the moon, In the year
2001, scientists began planning a base on the moon open to regular citizens.
Their target date (for completion of the base) was August 4, 2026. However,
due to a breakthrough in physics, the base was finished a year early. Now,
people flock to get a ride to the moon. The cost is $40,000 per person, one

The moon looks very strange compared to the earth. Its gray rock and freezing
air makes it a cold and desolate place. Nowadays, it has many volcanoes
because of a botched neutron bomb testing which heated the core. To counter
this, the base is built underground. This also makes it easier to install
heating and lights.

A first-time visitor to the moon might think any place in the base is scenic.
However, for the more experienced tourists, I would recommend the Forest of
Relativity, a large forest named after Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It
cost $9.8 billion to bring up to the moon. The money was donated by the Arbor
Day Foundation.

Another tourist attraction is the airport. The airport is best viewed from
the control tower. From there you can watch a number of space planes taking

Because of the extremely high cost for a trip, most of the people who come
here are rich tourists. Most of the jobs here are for NASA staff. However,
some jobs have been taken by other citizens.

John Glenn, the retired astronaut, is the leader of the base. He is 103 years
old. Glenn's long life comes from a breakthrough in medicine. The committee,
which helps the leader make decisions, is also made up of civilians. The rest
of the jobs are carried out by NASA officials. Many of the jobs involve risk,
so it is good to keep ads online for more workers.

If you are looking for a place to dine on the moon, there are not many
restaurants. It is very expensive to ship things to the moon, so only the big
corporations can afford to send up shops. However, there are a few places. One
of these is called Helga's Health Shoppe. Helga's offers vegetarian health
food. Another place is the Orbit Diner which specializes in fast food. Of
these, I would recommend Helga's because the food is grown organically on the

As you are packing for your trip to the moon, don't forget to thrown in a
camera and lots of film. After all, it would be a shame not to have any
pictures to show people. Extra clothing is a must considering the freezing
cold outside. You can purchase a space suit in the gift shop at the base. If
you are a real fanatic, you could take a space survival course before your

Personal items are also required. You can't buy toothbrushes up here.
Sleeping bags are not needed because the base provides beds.
Once you land on the moon you will find the local transportation interesting
compared to earth vehicles. Since there is no gravity on the moon, the
vehicles have been adapted for bumpy surfaces and lots of jumps. There are
two types of transportation: ground and air. Most of the ground vehicles have
black balls for wheels. The balls work much better than regular tires for
climbing over the hills and valleys of the moon in low gravity.

The most popular ground vehicle is called the Elephant fuel bus, thus named
for a trunk-like tube protruding out of its front. This trunk is for fueling
other vehicles. On the other hand, the air vehicles look much more familiar.
The ships look like souped-up versions of year 2000 buses with rockets
attached. The most popular air vehicle is called the Lunar base-to-earth
ship. Its job is to carry people to and from the moon.


Leon --AGE 10

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