A lot of things will happen between the years 2000 and 2025. These are some
of the things I think will change.

The way we pay for items is one thing that might change. Hopefully, by the
year 2025 criminals will not be able to forge checks or use stolen credit
cards. If this happens, people will not have to worry if their checks or
credit cards are stolen because there would be no way to use them. This would
help everyone in many ways.

I think computers will be so three-dimensional, things will look real. If
computers lasted longer or were cheaper, more people would buy them. America
Online is really neat, but it costs a lot. If America Online was free or only
cost one dollar a month, more people would sign up. If all or even some of
these things happened, hundreds of computers would be sold every day.

Almost every day, we wonder if people will ever land on Mars or live on the
moon. I think by the year 2025, people will land on Mars but not find life
there. I also think people won't actually live on the moon but stay there for
about a year at a time. If this happens, we will probably be able to answer
the question, "Is there life on the moon?"

All of these things will help us find out more about outer space.
In conclusion, many things will happen between now and the year 2025 that
deal with money, computers and outer space technology.


Christina --AGE 11

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