Hi! This is news channel 53 KNOE, and this is your host, Jimmy McGrath. Today
we will be talking with Bill Clinton who was President of the United States
in 1999. We will be comparing life today, 2025, to the year 1999.

McGrath: Bill, what were some of the primary jobs in 1999?

Clinton: I would say a car inventor was a major job.

McGrath: Tell us about the cars. How big were they and what shape were they?

Clinton: The average vehicle was approximately 4 feet tall and six feet long.
They were rectangular in shape.

McGrath: Our cars are way different. They are round.

Clinton: Yes, Jimmy. Those are two very different types of cars. Now, let's
compare lawyers.

McGrath: Our lawyers are robots and they work by a computer chip in the head.
They are made of scrap metal and leftover computer chips. The lawyer-robots
only work for our president. Everyone else just gets in a lot of trouble and
goes to jail. Robots also work as hospital helpers to help doctors save lives.

Clinton: Oh Jimmy, yours were people that the government hired.

McGrath: Okay, Bill. You get to ask me the questions on the environment and

Clinton: All right, I'll do that. What kind of animals are there today?

McGrath: There are only three types of animals left on earth. A dog, a cat ad
cows. Only people in the White House can own them if they wish to.

Clinton: We had a lot more animals. I can't even name all of them.

McGrath: Well, the animal environment has changed a lot.

Clinton: What is your soil like, Jimmy?

McGrath: Our soil is soft and only grass and trees live in it. The trees are
very bushy and short. What lived in your soil?

Clinton: Our trees were very bushy and tall. We had a lot more plants living
in our soil. We had food, grass, trees, insects and we even had fungi.

McGrath: Well, that's a lot different, Bill.

Clinton: Well Jimmy, is that all you wanted?

McGrath: That's all we wanted to ask you. Now here's a weather update with
Michael Greaver.

Greaver: Well folks, it looks like sun for the next five days or so. I hope
you have your sunscreen. That's all the time we have left at new channel 53
KNOE. Bye for now.


Mitchell--AGE 10

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