A Sniff at the Future By Ninety-Nine, K-nine

Joke Jake: Hello. This is news channel ninety-nine K-nine. I am your host,
Joke Jake. Today, instead of chasing our tails, we will be time-traveling to
the future with Katie Kat. Miss Kat, how is it in 2025?

K. Kat: The environment is quite the same as it was in the year 2000. The air
is still breathable and all the plants are still growing. Cars are way
faster, like riding in a roller coaster. The houses are the same as they used
to be, made out of bricks and wood. Clothing style is totally different! Most
girls, young and old, wear their hair in three or four buns. Most everyone
wears bright yellow, baggy pants, shirts, skirts and dresses and big chunky
orange shoes which helps the speeding car drivers see the people a little bit

Joke Jake: The only people wearing those colors in 2000 were criminals and
dog catchers. Do people work in the future?

K. Kat: Yes, and a few jobs are the same but there are a lot more inventors.
The inventors create weird new things like flying cars. Of course, they're
not on the market yet. They still have to test drive them. There are many
machinists who build what the inventors have designed: big screen TVs that
you can jump into; easier, faster computers; robotic maids and leashes that
walk your dogs for you.

Joke Jake: Everything sounds so different! What's the same?

K. Kat: Well, people haven't changed. They don't have computer disks in their
brains or anything. They are still emotional, too. Let me give you an
example. (K. Kat grabs someone passing by.) Sir, stop! You are the five
thousandth person passing me today! You win $9000 today!
Man on the street: Whoa! Awesome!
K. Kat: Just kidding! But you are on the radio.
Man on the street: Ah, shucks!
K. Kat: See what I mean?

Joke Jake: Hope he doesn't throw tomatoes at you!

K. Kat: No, but speaking of tomatoes, food is still the same. We don't eat
zucchinis with hot fudge or fried slugs dipped in caramel. We eat McDonald's
and Taco Bell and good home cooked chicken and turkey.

Joke Jake: Well, the chicken and turkey sound good, but I wouldn't want to
eat those other things either. I am getting kind of hungry, though. So, it's
been fun talking to you but we can't chase Kats forever! Bye! Bark at you
later on Ninety-nine K-nine.


Rachel --AGE 10

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