Everything Broken But Her Heart

It was a very cold winter that year but it is the one I rember most I lived in a small house with my 2 sisters and my self the oldest was Kate and the youngest was Ebony. We always ran and played in the snow and ice never looking back on the fites we had had in the past. when we were one day going down a hill and own bran new snow bord I went with Ebony and Kate went by her self like she wanted. But when she got to have her turn somthing went wrong and she went strait in to a car that was going past, I said " Ebony hurry go get mom now quick go" Ebony ran of with out looking back. I ran down to see Kate she was not moving then I bent down to ceck if she was breating she was. Then I heard my mother yelling out "I'M COMING I'M COMING!" when she saw Kate she sarted crying like I have never seen her be for then she sent me to go with Ebony and ring the ambulince and police. We did as we were told and the police and ambulance came in no time.Days went bye and Kate had still not woken up then on a Monday Kate had opened her eyes tears came to my eyes my mother said "Kate hunny you such a brave girl" "MOMMY were, were am I?" "Your at the hospital you had a big big accident. But every thing will be ok.Ok" "Ok mommy." "Hi Kate" I said I bent down and gave her a very soft hug so I woldent hurt her "whats wrong" she asked "I'm so happy your ok and I'm so so sorry Kate I'm sorry." "Its ok" "I love you Kate" "I love you too." The doctor came in and said "Miss Robertson could I talk to you for a minute" "ok."

"Miss Roberson we have some very sad news for you" "oh my god she isent going to die is she?" "no no nothing like that but I very much dout that she will walk again. You see both legs are broken one arm is broken and so is her um spine." "oh my god but she will be ok just just tell me what you have to do and I'll pay for it anything just tell me please." "Um well we want to do and operation for her legs and arm and try to fix her spin but I will be truth full with you Miss Robertson it sent looking that good." I had to stay with my Grandma for 5 weeks while mom was at the hospital with Kate but I did go see her every day after school.

When Kate did could home she was in a wheel chair and Ebony ran over and gave her a hug so did I. Kate was a cripple now she could never again run and play with us like before she would never have yelling contests to see who was the best screamer she sepent most of her days just looking out the window waching us play and run I alway new what she was thinking and felling she was always siting there untill her 13 birthday she died on that birthday and all I could rember her saying was thank you for giving me the best time of my life I love you. me and Ebony hate thinking about that day because I new deep in side Ebony was just as sad and scared than me.


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