Will my house be able to fly in 2025?

Once upon a time April 25 2022 lived a robot. The robot was programed to be a servant to many people. One day May 10 2023 when his dream was coming true, he was going to become human. Just before the event was going to take place, Mr. Marvin (the person to make him become a man) died. The robot started examing things while he was make food he started to become interested in experiments. He became the first robot scientist ever in 2023! One day the said he couldn't be a scientist anymore. He went to his old house where he was going to become a man, and created a divice that had never been seen before. He was so upset he had the house fly to a far away land where he was welcome and loved and he did, in 2025.

Just think of all the possibilities in 2025.

Ellen--AGE 10

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