Dear People of the Past,

Let me explain this to you. I am writing from the year 2025. This note
was the one object we decided to send back into the past. The one
object. This is very important. If the machine worked correctly it is
now in the year 2000. I hope it did, this note is the one hope for
mankind. Here's the story:

The Earth had been heading downhill since the year 2010. Confusion was
mounting. Countries that had been the best of friends were now fighting
against each other. Smog, garbage, and toxic waste were everywhere. In
certain places the pollution made it difficult to breathe. There was no
such thing as fresh air. Kids didn't go to school, who would make them,
their parents were too busy buying drugs, robbing banks, and murdering
out of spite. Murder, smoking, and drugs were just part of life for

By 2011 it looked like the start of World War Three was looming in
Earth's near future. That is when POM was formed. We were a group of
peace-loving people who hated the current condition of the Earth. POM
stands for Peace On Mars. That's right! We wanted to build the perfect
colony on Mars. We wanted it to be the fresh start that man needed.

Our station on Mars was complete in 2020. We blasted off on Dec. 31, at
midnight. It was to be a New Year on a new planet.

But things were not to be as we planned. Our vision of peace was all
right for the first six moths we spent on Mars. There were 15 very
happy and kind couples on Mars. They were a rare find on Planet Earth.

The explosion was the start of all our problems. The United States had
launched a nuclear missile at Japan in an attempt to make them
surrender. But the plan backfired, the missile landed in one of Japan's
nuclear bomb stocks! The largest explosion in history proved the end of
Planet Earth and of the rest of the Human Race.

Now our emergency supplies were gone. Our water producer, air filter,
and farming ideas HAD to work. There was no one to turn to, nowhere to
go. We realized we had a lack of many things here. Steel and plastic.
We couldn't get a new ship off the ground without that! We were
stranded on Mars!

But that wasn't the end of our problems. Our air was making us sick and
the farms weren't growing a thing.

We realized that we had been given only one chance. Earth was the one
chance, the gift; God had bestowed upon us. Earth was where we
belonged, the only place we could have lived. But earth was gone; we
had destroyed our own home.

Humans all share one home. We all have blood, skin, bones and
feelings. Brothers, sisters, protect your home. Why fight? Love each
other, and love yourself. You only get one chance.

Please prevent the disaster in the future,

President of POM,
Breanne Armstrong

Author's Note: I hope this story will send a message to everyone who reads it.

Breanne--AGE 13

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