KIDWORLD International Writing Contest
January, 2000
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Winner in Age Group  Honorable Mention


Dear People of the Past,  by Breanne, age 13
The World Tomorrow, a poem by Diana, age 16

Moving in 2025, by Ellen, age 10

The Tiny Little Dragon, a poem by Aleigha, age 11

Today We Live,   by Jessica, age 12

The House on Maple Street          2025, by Johnny, age 10

2025, a poem by ???, age ???

Childhood, a poem by Jill, age 13

Tears of the Future, by Lori, age 12

Will My House Be Able to Fly in 2025?, by Ellen, age 10

2025, Natalie, age 15

Itching Chaos, by Melissa, age 12

2025, a poem by  Jessica, age 15

And The Cold Wind Blew, a poem by Ross, age Over 12

2025, a poem by Kelly age 16 

Everything Broken But Her Heart, by ??, age ??

2025, a poem by Matthew, age 15

25 Years From Now, by Erin, age Over 12

It's A Zoglian's Life, by Colette, age 9

Cars Are Flying Everywhere by Jennifer, age 13

A Sniff at the Future By Ninety-Nine, K-nine by Rachel, age 10

1999/2025 by Mitchell, age 10

2025 by Christina, age 11

Moon Base Copernicus by Leon, age 10

The Magician's Pet Shop by Ola, age 12

The Beginning of Harry Potter   by Linds, age  13

older, wiser?   by Amy, age  14

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