A Letter From The President To The People Of The United States

Now that I am the president of the United States there will be
some changes. First off there will be no more abortions. That child is alive
inside of you even if you don't think it is. That is like committing murder
and you will be charged for it if you are caught. Second if you beat your
children and leave bruises and break their bones you will be put in jail for
6 months to a year. If you don't want them that much you should put them in
an adoption home they would rather have a family that loves them then one
that beats them. There will also be bullet proof vest for all the k-9 units
there dogs will be protected because they protect us.There will also be clubs
that you can join to help children through cancer. There will be a program if
they are 18 years or younger and they don't have long to live they will tell
you what they want and you will be there granter.In conclusion I hope you all
think what I am doing is for the good of people and you except my ideas.

Thank you all
President Devin C.


Devin--AGE  ??

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