The President Of The United States.....Me!!

The suspense waiting to here the outlook of the presidential race was
awful. I was in the lead, but the last state to finish counting their votes
was going to decide it all. Two more minutes... one more minute... and YES!
I am the new president of the United States! Time to make a few changes. My
first change is for the students. If there are school days called off for
weather, donšt make it up. If people are charged for murder, and found non
guilty, keep them in jail for awhile anyway, for safety precautions. All
people caught poaching, go to jail. Exotic animals (like monkeys, tigers,
bears) canšt be kept for pets, for the animals health, and last, but not
least, animals kept in the pound that are perfectly nice, donšt put to sleep
after two days there, make it at least a month, maybe more.


K. A.--AGE  11

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