If I Am The President Of The USA

If I were elected to be the new President of the USA I would make a change. I would arrange a meeting somehow with a representative of all the countries of the world. I would get to know each one personally and show them there is no need for war or fighting. I would arrange new rules.

I would help the poor and the people who are victims of prejudice. Instead of meeting with important people I would meet with all sorts of ordinary people too. Hopefully I would gain worldwide trust and friendship. I would travel round all different countries and I would arrange that everyone would have the same amount of money and income no matter how important they were.

I would make a law that no cigarettes, illegal drugs or alcohol could be sold and make sure it was all used up. Then I would make everyone do a days training of sport so that more people would be healthy and I would help find cures for diseases. I would like everyone to be well educated to a certain point and then it would be optional to how far you wanted to go.

I would visit schools and make sure that children's ideas and opinions were heard. I would make sure that everyone was taught a worldwide language. I would stop all vehicles that cause the hole in the ozone layer.

If only I had the chance I am sure I could make the world a better and happier place!


Ruth--AGE  13

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