A Letter From the President  

Dear fellow Americans,

As I, Lilly Bennet, you president I would like to tell you the wonderful changes you will experience during these wonderful eight years. I will respect all people in every way by makeing more homeless shelter for the homeless and caring for people in need. For the blind deaf and mute I will make new schools in every state in America. For the rich or poor, I will stand by you when you are going through your troubles. We will have a comittee to help you right a way.
I feel like we are all needles and thread and when I am president we will stitch and sew and create a magnificient quilt that will bring everyone back together. Everyone lives a life and my life is no different from anyone elses. So I understand as president how you feel. I have made that promise to myself from the day I started to the day I die. That I promise you.

your president,

Lilly Bennet


Lilly--AGE  10

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