How I Stopped Pollution  

On day, I was driving down the road and I saw an empty field. When I looked a little to the left. I saw a factory that was letting off too much smoke. Then, I said in my head, “this field needs some trees.” I started to plant some trees. The, I said, “the trees need some water.” So, I got a pail of water and I watered the plants. The next day, I looked out the window I saw the plants had grown a little bit. I yelled, “Hooray!” I went to the city to get some more flowers and tree seeds. After that, I went home. That night it got very cold and I started a fire in the fireplace. In the morning the trees were almost full-grown. Two days later all the trees I were full-grown. Know all the animals can live in my forest. They said on TV that whoever gets the most votes is that president. I rushed over there and it only took me about five minutes to get there. There were millions of people there. I was sort of embarrassed because everyone was there. Then, I saw my mom and dad waving at me. I got so embarrassed and I waved back at them. The next day, I had 310 votes. They even showed it on TV while I was in the shower. When I got out, I started to watch TV. Five hours later, I was going to the city. I passed that field and the factory was shut down because there were too much trees in the way. I continued driving to the city.


Thomas--AGE  7

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