When I Was President  

One day I was going to Animal City. It was a small city. It was filled with animals. I saw an animal lying in the jungle. It was dead. I stayed with the animal. I helped the animal. I trained the animal. The animals were my friends. I liked them. I slept with them. They were my pets. I cared for them. The people saw what I had done. They asked me if I wanted to be President. I said, “Yes!” My first rule was to help the animals. I heard a gun noise. It was coming closer and closer to my animal friends and I. I thought people were hurt. I ran to the people. Someone was hurt. I found Strip the animal. He was hurt. He hurt his leg. I wrapped his leg up. I called 911 and the police came. They arrested him and he went to jail. I helped the people get better. It was fun being the President.


Marie--AGE  7

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