When I Was President  

One day I was sitting outside drinking lemonade and I wanted to go swimming with my kids, but I had to go to work. At work there were lots of papers on my desk. I didnt want to read the paper, but I did. I won a Nobel Peace Prize. I was so excited! That I screamed very loud. I said to the audience, Thank you everyone for this trophy. You have all been my special friends. Thank you so much for your love and faith you are all my true friends. Thank you so much and I love being the elected President! I got to invite a little boy to the White House. He screamed out loud. He thought it was so cool. I said to the guards take him out. Hes screaming in my ear. I want him to go home this minute. I will not have all this screaming in my ear! I hate it when people do that. I said to myself, I hate it when people do that! Thank goodness hes out of my house. I love it when its quite in this house. I have to go to work at 5:00 pm. Right now its 3:00pm. I will go in two hours. When I go to work, I have papers stacked up really high on my desk. But today is my birthday. I should bring some cake to my friends at my office. That would be nice for my friends. I could also give some to my boss. I love to give people things. I also love to play with my kids. I can play with my kids after work.


Jeana--AGE  8

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