When I Was President  

One day it was an awful day in the city. 100 kids got shot. Then, I said, ďI need to do something about it.Ē The next day people from all over the world gathered up. I didnít know what to do so I went. Then somebody told me, ďWe are doing the President voting. They voted for me so I got to be President. So I changed the world. It was much better than before. More than 1,00 kids were alive. I was glad. The schools where a problem. I fixed them by asking them to mind and behave their teacher. The whole world was a better place. There were more childrenís book and schools. Some kids wrote notes to me. The notes where about Thanks for changing the world. I really like them. The kids would bring books for me to read and their families. I like being the President because it made me fill good. I liked being the President because I do good thing in the world and I like that one of my favorite things is nobody can hurt people. I go another job and I still President. I have two children. Their names are Christina and Kim. I live in New York. Itís peaceful there. I sometimes go to the Statue of Liberty to study. Sometimes I get days off then I go finish my other work. Itís pretty hard sometimes and thatís why I like the Presidentís work. Sometimes I have speeches where I have to read and talk to a bunch of people. Being President was really neat. I liked it!


Jamie--AGE  7

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