When I Was President

It was a bright Sunday morning. I was going to church. I was driving and I saw someone who had a gun and was about to shoot someone. I said, “Stop it right now.” He still didn’t stop so I called 911. The police came and took him away. Someone came over and said, “Let me take you to the election place.” Everyone will come. The next morning someone elected me and I won. I screamed, “Yes!” they took me to the White house and said, “Here is your home.” “Wow, it’s big” I said. Now, we’ll take you inside. Here’s your bedroom. I said, “It should be perfect shouldn’t it.” Now since the people are gone, what should I do? I laid in my bed and watched television. I heard someone else shooting a gun. I opened the window and said, “Stop.” And he stopped. My parents knocked on the door and said, “Honey we’re here to look at your house.” Mom I’m coming. Oh your house looks so wonderful. My mother screamed someone had broken in the house. I said, “Stop it right, now!” I saved my mother very quickly. I said, “Are you okay.” She said, “Yes, I am.” Then her voice was about to go. I said, “don’t talk or you’ll lose your voice. Then, I called the security guards.


Connor--AGE  8

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