How I Became President

One day I was walking in the woods. I saw a deer lying down. I shook him, but he was dead. I started to cry. I said, “What should I do?” I heard a gun. I followed the gun. I saw men killing animals. I said, “Stop! Stop! Stop!” The men did not stop. I called 911. The big, fat men came in a hurry. The policemen arrested the men. They were taken to jail. The men stayed for 10 months. The men were mad because they had to go to jail. I stayed in the woods to take care of the animals. I survived in the woods. I ate the food I packed in my backpack. All of the people heard about me stopping the mean, young men killing the animals. The people wanted me to be president. I took the job to be president. My family was excited. We went to the White House to have a party.


Carely--AGE  7

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